10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks. The Anti Age bible ! 

This best-selling book is a wonderful guide to a beautiful life filled with energy and vitality. It is never too late to stop time and turn back the clock.



Thorbjörg is an example in herself of how it can be done. With over 20 years experience living the anti-age way of life, she is nearly 50, living in the body of a 30-year old. Additionally, Thorbjörg is a trained nurse and nutrition specialist.

10 Years Younger follows the mindset of pioneering American health experts regarding natural aging and beauty and is provides encouragement for all women who believe that bikinis and steamy sex-appeal ends at 40. On the contrary, NOW begin the sexy years...

The book has a complete 10-week anti-age program that includes rejuvenating foods, exercise and dietary supplements. Additionally, the book offers natural alternatives to Botox and skin care as it deals with proven knowledge of cleansing and de-stressing as the source of eternal youth.

You'll be in on the best secrets to help avoid loose skin, love handles and mood swings.

10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks is available via Politikens Publishing and has been on bookstore shelves since March 2008.

10 Years Younger in 10 weeks is also published in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and now in english, available as an E-book ! Order it to day HER


Eat Your Way to Youth

Eat Your Way to Youth is the follow-up to the best-selling 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks. This gorgeous, inspiring cookbook invites you into Thorbjörg's private home and is filled to the brim with delicious recipes and tips for the "younger you". Pure bliss for both body and taste buds!

Eat Your Way to Youth will be released August 2009 by Politikens Publishing.


Boost Your Vitality  

Now Available in english. Get your free short copy HERE 

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In my book Boost Your Vitality, I've collected all my favorite "liquid" recipes.

The book is packed with smoothies that make the skin and hormones happier, superfood greens that cleanse and boost the immune system and fresh juices that enrich the body with essential vitamins.

You'll find smoothies that can serve as a fulfilling meal or others that function as a quick in-between snack. There are refreshing drinks to gulp down before working out and still others that will warm you from the inside out on a cold winter day.

You'll discover delicious new potions for any occasion that serve a meaningful purpose: to give you the ultimate vitality boost.
Here's to your health!


9 Ways to Vitality

This should have been book no 1. Here I describe my thoughts on health and my vitality consept. Linking all the systems in the body and how they work together and are depended on each other optimal function. The food and other choices in life and daily rutines, defines how the body works. And if your body is healthy and strong and your mind is focused and clear, most of the time at least, you will be much more in charge of things and be in curriage to do what you want and need to do in your life. That is what this wonderful book of life is about. And it is very nordic with beautiful pictures from home ( Iceland ). 


The Ultimative Anti Age Guide. Beautiful natural and glowing skin in 28 days.

I wrote this book after working on a danish TV program, 8 episodes coaching 3 men and women to look younger. Not only they succeded that with perfection but they got a whole new life as a bonus. That is what you risk, if you follow my 10 y younger program!

This book is about the skin. How to get more healthy and beautiful looking skin. I not only teach the structure of the skin but invite you to 28 superskinfood, 28 skin recipies, 28 days skintetox program and a ultimative guide in supplements for allkind of skin types and conditions, as well as skin products and treatments.