10 Years Younger Program

Wrinkles on stand-by. Well-functioning digestion. Mental stability. Slim and strong body. Clear eyes. Good sleep. Normal blood pressure and cholesterol. Improved memory. Good sex life. Clear mind. These are just a few of the benefits you'll experience with Thorbjörg's 10 Years Younger Program.

A course for individuals who want to change their lives and slow time without a knife or chemicals. 

10 Years Younger ONLINE Program. Coming soon.

Go Green

Eat your way to having healthy, happy and clear-minded children. Learn how to feed your child with peace, energy and balance. Some of the side benefits to this course are pregnancies without too many mood swings, stretch marks, gray hairs or unnecessary extra pounds on the hips and thighs. In addition, you'll get the benefits of a motherhood that is free of embarrassing screaming trips to the supermarket, unfair wake-ups in the middle of the night, and overweight, sugar-dependent children.

A perfect course for individuals who desire an enjoyable pregnancy, healthy children and a balanced family life.

Cooking Course: Eat Your Way to Youth

Become inspired! Spend four hours in the kitchen under the affectionate and relaxed direction of Thorbjörg, where you'll get expert insight into the superfoods that make you feel younger and more vital. You'll also get Thorbjörg's favorite cooking tips and recipes.

A course for individuals who desire practical and inspiring knowledge in the art of preparing nutritious, delicious food. 

Couples-Course: Fight the Love Handles

Wave goodbye to fat rolls, lazy habits and boring diets - and do it together with your partner!

A course for couples who want to motivate each other and believe that the "buddy-system" works best.

Beautiful Glowing Skin

How to get the beautiful skin you've always dreamt of, and while you're at it, a whole new life!